Course Overview

  • What are course description?

    Network security plays an important role in the field of cyber security. In this you get to know about how the network works, securing the networks and patching the vulnerabilities in the networks. Working as a network security expert your main motive is to check the network of your organization whether there is any vulnerability is present or not and how to patch it, thus making it more secure from the attackers.


    We are all surrounded with networks, which you have just used to connect to our site is one of the biggest Network on the globe,i.e The Internet. All these are vulnerable by default, so we need to find and eliminate security flaws to secure our users from threat actors. In this course, we guide you with several aspects of Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment to eliminate threats from networks to safeguard your users.


    Certified Ethical Hackers, Certified Digital Forensic Analysts,SOC Aspirants,SOC L1,L2 Analysts, Security Consultants, IT Security Managers,Risk and COmpliance Managers Incident Response Individuals,Engineers, IT Professionals,Network Administrators


    Yes, during the training, students are given several mandatory projects and assignments to enhance skills and gain some professional exposure.


    Basic Knowledge of Cyber Security,Networking, Malware Analysis Skills,Basic Knowledge of Operating System,Networking


    Certificates are valid after 3 years. After expiry, certificates can be renewed by giving a certificate renewal exam.


    Introduction to Networks

    Introduction to Protocols

    Packets Sniffing

    Packet Crafting

    Firewall Bypassing

    Wireless Attacks

    Metasploit Fundamentals




    Popular Vulnerability Case Studies

    Report Writing

    Exam & certification

    • Eligibility for Certification?

      Students with scores above 70% in the exams are only eligible for Certificates

    • Charges For Certification?

      The Price for Certification is also included in the course fee. No extra charge is needed for Certificates

    • Validity of Issued Certificates?

      All the issued certificates are valid for 3 years from the Date of Issue.It can be renewed after clearing the renewal examination.

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    • Is the Course For Beginners?

      Yes, This course demands at least some basic knowledge of Cyber Security concepts along with other concepts like Networking Fundamentals

    • Scope of the Domain/Skill/Certification?

      Network Security is a very important skill to be mastered by a cyber security expert. We all are surrounded by networks everywhere, so to implement your skills and demand will never come to an end.

    • Can Entry Level Cyber Sec Professional Enroll?

      Yes, Entry Level Cyber Security Professional can Enroll for this Course

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