Course Overview

  • What are course description?

    Computers, Networks,Operating Systems,Applications and other devices generate a text record of all operations performed or in other ways its the record trail of the system activities which is used in cases of regular audits. These logs are reviewed and monitored by organisations for satisfying compliance regulations and also to eliminate several security threats against the organisations. The Analysts need to collect, organise and clean the data to process meaningful information and behaviours of applications and structure the logs as per requirement. When doing an investigation either for forensic purposes,or for finding data breach or even while doing Technical Audits,Logs which are the one that play a very crucial role.


    In this course,we will be covering a very crucial but ignored thing that are the Logs or the Log Files. It is generated by every application and system that gives out the records of its Actions and status. It is very much important for an analyst or firm to monitor its logs for security as well as compliances purposes also.In this course, we will be focusing on logs generated by Web Servers and we will starting with the Basic Concepts of Web Architecture and then we study that how logs are generated and how to collect them, how to organise them and then filter out the noise to reveal the sensitive and important information of the pile. We then discuss Several Attacks and find out how these attacks generate a pattern on logs and how to identify those attacks from the log files.We then move on to discussing the techniques and tools of the trade used to boost the Analysts speed and enhance their accuracy.


    Certified Ethical Hackers, Certified Digital Forensic Analysts,SOC Aspirants,SOC L1,L2 Analysts, Security Consultants, IT Security Managers,Risk and COmpliance Managers Incident Response Individuals,Engineers, IT Professionals,Network Administrators


    Yes, during the training, students are given several mandatory projects and assignments to enhance skills and gain some professional exposure.


    Basic Knowledge of Cyber Security,Networking,Network Monitoring.


    Certificates are valid after 3 years. After expiry, certificates can be renewed by giving a certificate renewal exam.


    Introduction to Web Servers

    Server Architecture

    Server Logging Techniques

    Basic Log Architecture

    Log Analysis Techniques

    Log Information Analysis

    Types of Attacks

    OWASP Standards

    Malicious Information Analysis

    Attack Analysis

    Breach Detection

    Report Writing

    Exam & certification

    • Eligibility for Certification?

      Students with scores above 70% in the exams are only eligible for Certificates

    • Charges For Certification?

      The Price for Certification is also included in the course fee. No extra charge is needed for Certificates

    • Validity of Issued Certificates?

      All the issued certificates are valid for 3 years from the Date of Issue.It can be renewed after clearing the renewal examination.

    Course advisor

    CDI Team

    CDI is an emerging Information Security company with an Aim to provide Information Security Solutions to clients with a wide array of platforms: Networks, Web Applications,Servers and Databases.


    • Is the Course For Beginners?

      No, This course demands at least some basic knowledge of Cyber Security concepts along with other concepts like Compliance and Auditing,ISO 27001 Standards etc.

    • Can Entry Level Cyber Sec Professional Enroll?

      No, Entry Level Cyber Security Professional cannot Enroll for this Course

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