Course Overview

  • What are course description?

    : Threat Intelligence is the solution for detection,analysis and management of different kind of Threats that affects business This is what is needed by Organisations as a skill because it enables an Analyst to Identify the Cyber Threats from the Gathered Data. A Threat can severely damage an organisation’s reputation, so, they want it to be identified and eliminated before it comes to action.Corporates today, demand a professional level Threat Intelligence Analyst to identify and eliminate the Threats and develop Strategies for it. A Skilled Threat Intelligence Analyst has a greater probability to get hired by the Organisations as its a rapidly growing in-demand skill. The most important skill that is needed for a Threat Intelligence Analyst is Data Gathering,Data Analysis,Threat Modelling,OSINT,Malware Analysis etc


    Threat Intelligence is a trending program that covers all the Factors that are involved in the Threat Modelling Lifecycle as well as guides the students to classify the threat vectors and implement security policies and strategies to reduce risk factors. It empowers individuals with skills to tackle with emerging threats on a daily basis Threat’s impact is never limited to the size of the organisation or the type of organisation. It does similar amount of damage to all be it the start-ups or the Tech-Giants.Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst’ Course guides with the student to tackle with rapidly changing world where different kinds of threats emerges on a daily basis.We guide you with core concepts of the topic starting with the very basics to the advanced level that includes concepts like Cyber Kill chain methodology,Threat Modelling,OSINT,SOCMINT,Data Gathering etc.


    Certified Ethical Hackers, Certified Digital FOrensic Analysts,SOC Analysts, Incident Response Individuals, Threat Hunters, DFIR professionals


    Yes, during the training, students are given several mandatory projects and assignments to enhance skills and gain some professional exposure.


    Minimum Working Experience of 2 Years in Information Security Knowledge of Networking and Data Flow, Malware Analysis Skills, YARA Rule Writing, OSINT Basics, Basic Knowledge of Incident Response,Network Monitoring


    Certificates are valid after 3 years. After expiry, certificates can be renewed by giving a certificate renewal exam.


    Basic Introduction to Cyber Threat Intelligence

    History of Cyber Threat Intelligence

    Open Source Intelligence(O.S.I.N.T)

    Human Intelligence(HUMINT)

    SOCMINT(Social Media Intelligence)

    Cyber Threat Intelligence for Fraud Prevention

    Data Gathering Sources

    Analysis of Intelligence Information

    Tools for Data Analysis

    IDentification of Threat Vectors

    Cyber Kill Chain Methodology

    Tools for Threat Intelligence & Threat Modelling

    Advanced Persistent Threat Lifecycle (APT Lifecycle)

    Threat Mapping & Indicators of Compromise

    Malware Analysis

    Several Threat Models


    Strategic Implementation of Policies for Risk Mitigation

    Exam & certification

    • Eligibility for Certification?

      Students with scores above 70% in the exams are only eligible for Certificates

    • Charges For Certification?

      The Price for Certification is also included in the course fee. No extra charge is needed for Certificates

    • Validity of Issued Certificates?

      All the issued certificates are valid for 3 years from the Date of Issue.It can be renewed after clearing the renewal examination.

    Course advisor

    CDI Team

    CDI is an emerging Information Security company with an Aim to provide Information Security Solutions to clients with a wide array of platforms: Networks, Web Applications,Servers and Databases.


    • Is the Course Fee Negotiable?

      Incase you are interested in joining the Course, just simply call us or visit our head office. Then we can discuss the course fees

    • Is the Examination Fees Included

      Yes the complete fees for training and examination is included as well as certification fees also.

    • What Kind of Jobs can I get after this course?

      After the certification of Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, you can be offered for several job roles likes Threat Hunter, Incidence Response Team Member, SOC analyst, Associate Threat Intelligence Researcher and many more.

    • Is this for Beginner Friendly?

      No, This course requires atleast 1 year of Experience in the Cyber Security Domain along with basic grasp of skills like OSINT,Digital Forensics and Malware Analysis

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