Course Overview

  • What are course description?

    In Reverse Engineering we deal with compiled or interpreted files and modify its features as if we do in a source code. It is a very important skill to possess for any individual who is pursuing the domain of Threat Intelligence, SOC Analyst, Malware Analysis, Digital Forensics etc. All these domains need experts who can crack the codes that are written by the developer of the Application.These codes itself leaves the trail of the developer of any way to handle the malicious intent of the application also it is used to test the security flaws of an application. As of the increase in complex cyber attacks which involve the use of complex application and binaries, which gives rise to the demand of skilled and certified professionals of Reverse Engineering.


    This course for individuals who are interested in reversing application,binaries etc to analyse and test for security flaws,forensic investigations etc. In this course we cover topics like Assembly Language, Operating System Architecture, Computer Architecture, Application Execution Process etc. After this course individuals can successfully analyse Executable Applications as well as non Executable Files also like PDFs, Microsoft Office Documents etc. After this course one can successfully bypass Serial Number Validations, Code Keygens, Bypass Packing Mechanism and Unpack the packers too. Along with thay will be successfully able to analyse Assembly Instructions and inspect Shellcodes and reverse engineer advanced malwares and applications.


    Certified Ethical Hackers, Certified Digital Forensic Analysts,SOC Aspirants,SOC L1,L2 Analysts, Security Consultants, IT Security Managers,Risk and COmpliance Managers Incident Response Individuals,Engineers, IT Professionals,Network Administrators,Threat Intelligence Researchers, Malware Analysts and Researchers,Exploit Developers.


    Yes, during the training, students are given several mandatory projects and assignments to enhance skills and gain some professional exposure.


    Basic Knowledge of Cyber Security,Networking, Malware Analysis Skills,sound Knowledge of C++,Windows Programming, Computer Architecture,Assembly


    Certificates are valid after 3 years. After expiry, certificates can be renewed by giving a certificate renewal exam.


    Introduction to Operating System Fundamentals

    Introduction to Assembly Language

    Basic Concepts of Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering

    Lab Setup for Reverse Engineering

    Program Execution Cycle

    Understanding the Portable Executables (P.E Files)

    PE File Analysis

    Working with Encrypted Files

    Stack Overflows


    IDA Pro


    Keygens & Serial Number Validation Bypass

    Malware Unpacking

    Reversing Packers

    Non Executables Reversing

    Office FIles,PDF Files

    Office FIles,PDF Files

    Exam & certification

    • Eligibility for Certification?

      Students with scores above 70% in the exams are only eligible for Certificates

    • Charges For Certification?

      The Price for Certification is also included in the course fee. No extra charge is needed for Certificates

    • Validity of Issued Certificates?

      All the issued certificates are valid for 3 years from the Date of Issue.It can be renewed after clearing the renewal examination

    Course advisor

    CDI Team

    CDI is an emerging Information Security company with an Aim to provide Information Security Solutions to clients with a wide array of platforms: Networks, Web Applications,Servers and Databases.


    • Is the Course For Beginners?

      No, This course demands at least some basic knowledge of Cyber Security concepts along with other concepts like Malware Analysis,Incident Response

    • Scope of the Domain/Skill/Certification?

      This certification equips you with a very demanding skill of Reverse Engineering which is needed for every security researcher working in the domain of Threat Intelligence, Malware Analysts,SOC Expert, Security Professionals etc.

    • Can Entry Level Cyber Sec Professional Enroll?

      No, Entry Level Cyber Security Professional cannot Enroll for this Course

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