Course Overview

  • What are course description?

    Technology is evolving everyday and so as attackers. Network is said to be a very crucial and important part of Technology,this is because it makes up the Internet which has become a common need for everyone. As most of the services are getting digitized and are moving on the Internet, so the users need to adapt to the Internet.Which gives an attacker an opportunity to attack to the User and all by misusing the Networks. So, the industry demands certified and skilled professionals who can tackle to this problems and save their users from being compromised. Network Forensics is a subdomain of Cyber Forensics which deals with Investigations of cases where the networks can be helpful in giving out a clue by telling about the attack scenario and also by tracing any trails that has been left on the network or any devices connected to that network.


    In Certified Network Forensics Expert Course Certification, we train the students in a mixed environment that includes both theoretical as well as practical sessions where an individual can learn and apply the skills at the same time. Forensics is a domain that has involvement of very crucial data that needs to be handled and processed very accurately.Any errors can destroy the whole investigation. In this course we start with the very basic concepts of Networking and Networking devices so that the students have an idea of how the devices work and can be used to reveal out information. After the basics part we move to the Basic Forensic Investigation Methodology that is applied during investigations. Then we move on to practical topics like Packet Acquisition, Traffic Analysis, Proxies and Tunneling,NIDS,NIPS etc Then moving to the end of the course where we encounter with wireless devices and learn about attacks on them and how to investigation about those attacks on them.


    Certified Ethical Hackers, Certified Digital Forensic Analysts,SOC Aspirants,SOC L1,L2 Analysts, Security Consultants, IT Security Managers,Incident Response Individuals,Engineers, IT Professionals,Network Administrators,System Admins


    Yes, during the training, students are given several mandatory projects and assignments to enhance skills and gain some professional exposure.


    Basic Knowledge of Cyber Security,Networking and Basic Knowledge of Digital Forensics


    Certificates are valid after 3 years. After expiry, certificates can be renewed by giving a certificate renewal exam.


    Introduction to Networks

    Network Architectures

    OSI && TCP/IP Models

    IP Addressing

    Introduction to Network Forensics

    Forensic Methodology

    Internet Protocol Suite

    Traffic/ Packet Interception

    Live Acquisition

    Traffic Analysis

    Wireless Communication

    Wireless Attacks

    Exam & certification

    • Eligibility for Certification?

      Students with scores above 70% in the exams are only eligible for Certificates

    • Charges For Certification?

      The Price for Certification is also included in the course fee. No extra charge is needed for Certificates

    • Validity of Issued Certificates?

      All the issued certificates are valid for 3 years from the Date of Issue.It can be renewed after clearing the renewal examination.

    Course advisor

    CDI Team

    CDI is an emerging Information Security company with an Aim to provide Information Security Solutions to clients with a wide array of platforms: Networks, Web Applications,Servers and Databases.


    • Is the Course For Beginners?

      Yes, but this course demands at least some basic knowledge of Cyber Security concepts along with other concepts like Digital Forensics etc

    • Scope of the Domain/Skill/Certification?

      This is a trending skill of Certified Network Forensics Expert and in the near future, the demand for Certified Forensic Experts will get a huge incline.

    • Can Entry Level Cyber Sec Professional Enroll?

      - Yes, Entry Level Cyber Security Professional can Enroll for this Course.

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