Course Overview

  • What are course description?

    Digital forensics is the expertise in investigating and fact-finding on digital devices for the client. With huge requirements in both government and private sectors, digital forensics experts are in huge demand. Government agencies, police departments, armies, and most government sectors require digital forensics experts. CDI after 8 years of expertise has developer customized courses to fulfill the requirement of the forensics enthusiasts.

  • About the course

    This course is designed for people planning to develop their career in digital forensics experts. Computer forensics investigations, network forensics investigations, attack investigations are Main learning points in this course. This is a certification course from cyber defence intelligence .

  • Who can avail this course ?

    Lawyers , legal experts , bar associations , police personals , gov employees , Server company employees , IT admins , Engineering undergraduates and post graduates , Professors etc

  • Projects given in this training ?

    As a part of standard practice we will provide dummy cases to be investigated and the students has to crack those cases by performing tasks and operations as learned in the course . This includes disk forensics , Memory forensics , etc

  • Basic requirement for this certification

    Understanding about Windows OS , Data storages , Basic understanding about servers , Smartphones etc

  • Validity of certificate

    This certificate will be valid for 3 years , after expiry you have to renew certificate after sending email to us .


    USB forensics

    Memory analysis

    Windows forensics

    Tools based on forensic study

    Deleted data recovery

    Image Forensics

    Case investigation

    Evidence recovery

    Protocol standards.


    WLAN Security

    Dead V/s Live forensics

    Computer Investigation process.

    IT laws and ethics involved

    Investigating attacks

    Cyber Forensics and Investigation

    Digital Forensics Science

    Q/A sessions and doubt clearing

    Exam & certification

    • what will be the Passing criteria ?

      We follow global standards and ascertain that students should get minimum 70 % score in the exam to pass the certification.

    Course advisor

    CDI Team

    Our course advisors are experts from Cyber defence intelligence consulting and hold expertise in forensics to the core


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